I bet you’re all curious to see how I’ve done the last ten days on my journey into a plant based diet!? Well even if you’re not, you’re going to find out how I’ve done.

For the most part I have done really well. I’ve done some meal prepping so I’m not tempted to go out and eat or stop at the store and grab something. I have had 3 major slip ups; I had a turkey sandwich, shrimp and some bacon. I’m not stressing it. I stress over enough in my life to not stress about this. Plus, I don’t want to hate my new eating plan and I might if I am so strict at first; it’ll come with time I know.

It hasn’t been too grueling mentally. I have avoided eating bagels and drinking dessert smoothies at work pretty well. I already feel lighter; which I thought was just the positive thinking. However, I have lost and kept off 6 pounds continuously the last 10 days. I haven’t really been working out as consistently as I’d like, but I’m still trying to be active a couple times a week. I think I’m finally going to take a friend’s offer up, on climbing Tumamoc Hill. Which is a steeper walking trail that I know will make me feel even more out of shape than I already do, but I’m excited.

I’ve realized it isn’t as hard to get protein into your diet as you might think. There are pretty high amounts of protein in beans and nuts and I can have both of those! It’s the other nutrients to keep an eye on, like B-12 and Vitamin D. Another hard part is ensuring I eat everything before it goes bad. I think with more meal planning and finding easy recipes, I can counter making a vegetable goulash every week to eat what I have left.

I’ve also started gathering recipes on Pinterest to help me out so I stop eating bean soup! I have found Vegan, Gluten-Free Endurance Crackers from 86 LemonsEnduranceCrackers86L7

Lentil Chili from Little Broken.


And Vegan, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie by Minimalist Baker!THE-BEST-Vegan-Gluten-Free-Pumpkin-Pie-10-ingredients-simple-methods-SO-delicious1

Needless to say I will be eating some delicious food… Once I decide to actually cook it! I even found an entire guide to a Vegan and Gluten Free Thanksgiving! Granted I’m still going to eat mashed potatoes and saffron gravy knowing they aren’t what I should but we all have our vices.

Cheers to beans, rice, mushrooms and hemp seeds to guide me through the next two weeks!

About a year and a half ago I started a short term, plant based diet to hopefully help me lose weight. While I seemed slimmer, I didn’t exactly shed more than 5 pounds in two months. Aside from the weight side, I felt tremendously better. I had energy again and didn’t feel lethargic all the time. I wasn’t as bloated and my digestive system wasn’t always acting up.

I went back to eating how I normally ate about a year ago and while I’m not as exhausted all the time as I use to be, I’m not exactly the go-getter I’d like. I can wake up, go to brunch and need to go home to nap because I feel drained. I don’t feel sleepy, I just lack energy to do more than go to work.

On the health side of things, I am realizing more and more I probably have a thyroid problem like most the women in my family. Whether I have a problem, or have the potential to be plagued with hypothyroidism, I want to try and change the outcome earlier than later. Taking one pill a day for the rest of my life isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to me, but if I could simply change the way I eat and have the same affect, than I’d prefer to do that.

If you know me, you know I have issues with the health care system because I feel most doctors are quick to give you a blanket diagnosis and not really help you, as the individual, find your root problems. I have some doctor visits lined up to “verify” I have an issue. I use verify loosely because if you hand me a checklist for symptoms, I can check about 98% of them. I mostly want to see if I do have a “verified” thyroid issue and get my numbers, so if I improve on this plant based diet, then I want to have the number evidence as well; you know, for the doubters.

I have done loads of research the past few weeks into the new lifestyle plan I am going to take on. It is basically a vegan diet, however I am not calling myself vegan because I’m not stopping eating animal products because of the moral aspect. A true Vegan doesn’t have anything to do with any sport, place or food that exploits or comes from animals and I am not that.

Essentially I will be on a whole food, plant based diet. No more sugary drinks, cheeseburgers or processed foods. Basically I will be resetting my entire system after about 6 months to a year. Food wise, I started Sunday, caffeine wise I am working on it. This past Summer I tried to go cold turkey with caffeine and I couldn’t function. I had the worst consistent headache, couldn’t get comfortable sleeping or awake and I was easily angered and constantly irritable. Therefore, I have created a checklist of the days I can have specified amounts of caffeine until the amount is zero.

I’m also cutting gluten out because when I consistently do not eat bread, pasta or drink beer, I feel surprisingly better. I mean I think I’ve had all of 5 beers since I turned 21, 4 years ago; but I love bagels and I love pasta.

I’m sure there will be times where I eat something I probably shouldn’t, but it won’t be the end of the world. I started Sunday and of course I also started symptoms for a bacterial sinus infection which I’m currently dealing with. Given I had zero energy to do anything except fill my prescription, I did have chicken broth yesterday instead of vegetable broth. It’ll be a learning experience to see what I would like to have on hand in case I get sick, want a sweet treat or am craving processed food. Any new journey is a learning experience.

As time goes on, I might start reintroducing certain items back into my diet and see how I feel. Overall the change is because I want to feel better physically. I am currently considered overweight and that doesn’t really bother me, but how lethargic I consistently feel does. Some of the issues I face I thought was aging, or just something I’d have to deal with, and if changing my eating habits can help me overcome these, then it will be a world’s difference for me.

The next time we go to lunch and I order pasta, I give you full approval to slap me! I am very excited to start this and I am hopeful of the outcome. I’m open for any questions and the reasons I found for my choices; don’t be afraid to ask!



Many people my age seem to be progressively becoming unhappier, more bitter and less driven. I know from experience that when you have goals and you keep getting set back or can’t seem to meet them, it can really bring on a heavy depression. Learning not to have such solid goals, or to lay so much emotional stock in them, has really started to prove beneficial for me.

A friend recently brought up that he sees no point in setting goals. That there isn’t a point to them when so many seem unattainable or require signing the soul of your first born to the Devil in a back alley deal. I’ve tried setting and working toward many goals and I always lose the drive and the passion. I think being overly driven for so long has given me the desire to just try and be happy; which could be argued as, essentially, the hardest “goal” of all. Maybe I’ve just moved from more materialistic goals to the hardest of them all? It sounds like something I would do.


This friend of mine isn’t currently “happier” than I am, nor does he feel like he is headed in any true direction. I don’t see a problem with this really. Of course having some direction can help solidify a future with the necessities, such as food and shelter and such; but can’t I still have those and live out of my car and spend the night in every National Forest there is in the US?

I think so many people I know have pushed so hard have fell short so many times that setting goals just doesn’t seem logical anymore. We don’t have the economy of previous generations and we have a vastly different job market to tackle. I’m not saying there are people who don’t work hard and attain these goals even among these different times as our parents, I’m just over having to step on someone to get there.


I want to be able to take a year off and not worry I’ll regret not having taken some internship in that time. Maybe it’s because I’ll be 25 in exactly 3 months and I’m back at home and school is pushed off yet another year. But all I know is the only real desire I have right now is to wander around in a long skirt, not brush my hair and see a vast amount of places; preferably with someone I love.


Deciding between a more structured path with solid goals and material outcomes, or a more spiritualistic path seems to be the real choice here. I’m sure both can be achieved simultaneously, but right now I only have the will to go after one and deciding which comes first is proving to be harder than I thought.

I saw this about a year ago and it genuinely resonates with me.


Maybe the best way to figure out what I want to do, where I want to go and who I want to become, should start by asking myself that question.

Not all of you may know that I regularly indulge in a little too much caffeine. I drink the occasional coffee beverage but what really has me itching for more is soda. Monday I made my game plan to start eating better; which of course, did not include the sugar beverage which I love, soda. I did great with eating healthy yesterday, I didn’t cave and buy a Nutty Newton at my work! A Nutty Newton is a delicious smoothie made with yogurt, Nutella, apples and granola; basically it’s just amazing. Anyway, I had been craving one all weekend and didn’t buy one yesterday so yay me.

Moving on. I did not have any caffeine yesterday because I knew if I didn’t quit cold turkey I wouldn’t commit to this. I’ve tried the weening myself off method too many times and I want it to stick this time! Yesterday evening around 5:45 this unfortunate pinch started right at the back of my head by my neck. As the night went on it slowly crept up my head and by the time I got home from work around 9:20, it had encompassed the entire back part of my head and my neck. Man, I can’t tell you how excited I was the headache stage was already setting in. I only woke up once last night due to pain, but for the most part it wasn’t unbearable.

That is, until I woke up and headed to class this morning! I popped some pain killers to jokingly attempt to soothe the pain and heading to class. I stopped at a soda machine and purchased a Coke to have on back up in case I didn’t want the pain to escalate too terribly. As I’m sure any of you who have attempted to quit caffeine cold turkey knows, I drank half he soda in the first 15 minutes of class. I only lasted 45 minutes of my 2 hour class because I couldn’t keep my eyes open due to pain and fatigue. “Just close your eyes and listen?” How I wish I could, however, this class is American Sign Language; meaning I need my eyes to see what she’s saying!

I don’t know if you realize, but “caffeine intoxication and caffeine withdrawal are classified as mental disorders in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) when either one interferes with daily life.” Let’s just say it’s easily been interfering with my daily life as of today. Luckily the small fix I allowed myself finally suffocated the headache for the most part. I still have a little man with a pick ax occasionally tapping the top of my spinal cord, but I know that won’t go away for a few days at least.

While I battle that fun challenge, I am doing really great on my No Spend July challenge! I purchased a smoothie with my tips, instead of a Watermelon Eegee, but I don’t care since it’s tip money. And going into July I know I’d need to buy my brother and sister-in-law a birthday present; which I did buy a small present for them but I stayed under budget. So even though I want to take a horse tranquilizer and sleep through the next few days of caffeine withdrawals, at least I’m not spending any money on items I did not have budgeted!

Are any of you doing a no spend challenge, or have you? Let me know and we can compare tips and tricks!


This month I have decided I am going to get serious about saving up and paying off my ever-so-foreboding student loans. I have seen other bloggers do this; usually to clean out the surplus of food they have. However, I don’t have to buy my groceries (perk of living back home) so my No Spend Challenge shall work a little differently.

This is what I am not going to spend my money on:

  • Eating Out
  • Craft Supplies
  • Pointless Shit

What I can spend my money on:

  • Gas
  • Bills; credit card payments, Netflix, car insurance, phone
  • Watermelon Eegee’s (but ONLY with tip money from work)

Basically I don’t have many “responsibilities” when it comes to my finances. Because of this, I should have far more saved than I do. I tend to eat out way too much and that has to stop. I realize eating watermelon Eegee’s is a random exception, but I haven’t lived in Tucson for the entire month of July for three years and I AM NOT missing my opportunity to indulge in this once-a-year opportunity.

Honestly, July is looking like the month where I get my gears cranking a little faster with a little more specificity. I’ll keep y’all updated on whether it’s easier than expected or harder than I hoped.

Just like the embers in a fire pit that have all but fully extinguished. It’s not the same healthy burn in a fire that grows and crackles; it’s more of the way the last few pieces accept the fire is out, but still appreciate burning just a little bit longer.
You’re not exactly drawn to it in the same way you are when the fires roaring. There isn’t the same pull on your attention when the fires roaring, as when it is when it’s all but gone out completely. In a fire that rages new and has just ignited, the colors pull you in and the warmth draws you closer. But this isn’t that kind of burn, it’s just enough of a burn left to occasionally draw you back.
It’s those moments when there’s a pop loud enough to get your attention or when the stream of smoke picks back up just a little too strong, you find yourself overly aware of the coals to ensure they don’t erupt into a flame again.

I know watching the embers burn isn’t going to restart the fire, and is that ever really anyone’s intent when they watch the coals go out?
I don’t believe so.

I know I’ve always been mesmerized by the way the coals slowly die out. There’s a calm in getting lost in the soft reds and oranges as they turn to black; losing your thoughts in the quiet cracks and pops. There’s intrigue in how a fire can die out in front of your eyes. But, if you ask me, there is beauty in the way the last piece slowly extinguishes.

I mean, I could always quickly drown the charcoal pieces by throwing water onto the pit, but then that fire is over. Finished. Complete. No more.

Anyone who has ever started a fire knows when you don’t tend to it properly, it’ll die out. You have to be aware of your starting wood and the little pieces that ignite quickly to get the fire going. You’re aware of the placement of the wood in the pit and you know how easily certain pieces can burn compared to others. You also know there are outside forces which can enhance or inhibit the fire. When it’s windy you become aware of how easy the fire can get out of control. When there’s moisture in the air, you know how difficult it can be to keep the fire going.

Those aren’t the only factors though. When there are multiple people tending to a fire, you know too much attention can smother it, just as quickly as not tending to it adequately can. With one person adding wood and the other moving the burning pieces around, there’s a good chance you just might put the flames out.

Much like a relationship, a fire is a finicky object which evolves and progresses with the attention it’s given and the elements it’s surrounded with. There are the solid pieces you need to start a fire, the logical side. And there are the effects of the fire which entrance you, the emotional side. It really can turn into quite the balancing act between adding the right amount of wood when necessary in all the right spots, and being careful not to get too lost in the patterns the smoke makes that you forget what you’re doing.

Anyone who has been taken back by a fire reigniting, knows extinguishing it completely is the safest way to ensure it won’t reignite while you’re sleeping. Logically, that is the safest option; yet some of me isn’t fully ready for that and that’s okay.
I’m not awaiting the fire to relight; it has dulled far too long for that to happen.

So instead I think I’ll slowly let the embers burn down. It wasn’t a fire that destroyed anything or anyone, it just merely died out. Watching the last few coals glow and the embers slowly darken is where the beauty in this heartbreak really is. The final stream of smoke, or the few last happy memories are all that’s left in this fire, and I’m perfectly content with that.



Now I am somewhat of a professional at applying to jobs as a 20-something without a college degree. Since I am such a giver, I am going to offer my intense wisdom to you. Also, I have experience in hiring people; so I really know what an employer wants to see in a resume for it to stand out. Let’s get straight to the helpful points!

1. Make sure your resume is full of bonafide and over enthusiastic descriptions! I love repeating myself two, three or even four times and changing the wording for. This really shows the employer that you only have a limited skill set, but have an unlimited talent in saying the same things over and over again; which most jobs require you to do anyway!

Example: Good people skills

  1. Can converse and get along with all ages
  2. Can help any customer with a smile on
  3. Can provide exceptional customer service to both customer and fellow coworkers
  4. Has mad people skills and can seem genuinely interested when talking even if I don’t care about the conversation. (Only take this route if you are super edgy and outgoing!)


2. Include a picture to set you aside from all other applicants; trust me, that shit works. An employer really wants to get a sense of self from the applicant and what better way to do that then adding some really telling photos right at the top of the resume!


This one says I am confident in my resume that even if I have a shotty picture, I can still rock that interview. It also let’s them know I don’t want a desk by a window because I don’t like the sun in my eyes.


This one shows I am really happy and love outdoors, coffee and athletic clothes; so I must be trendy and hella cool. I’m basically the perfect applicant already. *Bonus* The picture isn’t a selfie; really tells the employer you have friends in real life, not just on the internet.


This picture has me with other people so I must be social. And I know how to accessorize so that is a really good plus. *Pro Tip* Wear at least 5 accessories to your interview; peacocking isn’t just for attracting a mate.


3. Have a catch phrase in your resume multiple times that you can incorporate into your interview. I personally love including ‘Let me put it this way…’ every time I describe a characteristic I possess.

For example: The employer asks you to describe how capable you are to rectify a poor customer service experience. I would say “Let me put it this way, I can take a fresh piece of meat from a Grizzly and walk away unharmed.”

It really shows how creative I can be in describing an action with an over exaggerated hyperbole; and tell me someone who doesn’t love a good hyperbole? It also tells your employer you are willing to go the extra mile when helping a customer. How? If you’re willing to answer any question with a creative hyperbole, then you can go the distance to overkill any customer service interaction and employers love that!


I hope you have really grasped these tips and please take full advantage of my knowledge base to help you land a job. Especially when you don’t have a degree.


*If you actually do any of these and don’t get the job it’s not my fault you listened to a stranger on your resume. Sorry I won’t be sorry.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And whatever other greeting applies to you this time of year! This year we decided not to put up our fake tree and instead took all of our decorations and hung them on whatever we could find! I wanted to share with you how easy it is to decorate your home when you want to be festive, but not put forth too much effort.

We’ll start the home tour at the mantel.


As you can tell, we took great care to place our ornaments strategically along the mantel to really give you that feel that we took a long time to put this arrangement together. Also, please note the amazing Chewbacca stocking.

photo 4

Also, pay special attention to that little Darth Vader just kicking’ it on the mantel. To show his power, I made sure to edit this photo to put the focus on him, as he deserves. I mean, look how festive he is with his Santa hat.

Next let’s check out the DIY pallet shelf Bryan made that sits in our little wet-bar.christmas_tree_Topper

Bryan did a terrific job coordinating the colors of the ornaments to compliment the liquid bottles that are already there. He also made good use of our Pagan-esque tree topper and instead topped some lovely Jim Beam; Merry Christmas!

Look! We even have Rudolph celebrating with us this year.


We found a really great deal on a blinking red nose at the Dollar Tree last year and while the batteries died after about 12 hours, it’s obvious you know who our faux deer is trying to emulate. Bryan chose to give Rudi a very rustic and traditional Christmas-time feel. He has an old school lantern and a little Christmas gnome hanging from his antlers. And, the real surprise! If you look behind the gnome’s hat, you can see an ornament made from antlers, which is hanging on antlers; so perfect!

We made brilliant use of our patio doors by lining them with bright colored ornaments.


As I’m sure you can tell thus far, we really tried to focus on an eclectic, yet rustic Christmas theme. We tied in bright colors with traditional colors to create an eye-catching window display.

This was my favorite part of our decorations!


Until this happened.


All the damn snowflakes fell off. And now, this giant wall that demands your attention when you walk through the door, only has this little Merry Christmas decoration left.


We really tried to hide the hideous air control unit. I think we did a really terrific job camouflaging the unit by adding this little happy Christmas Snowman. Bryan decided last minute to add a snowflake on the S; which I really think brings the entire piece together.

As you can see Bryan really enjoyed decorating for Christmas.

photo 2

He was so enthused the entire time we were decorating that he used up all his excitement in that he couldn’t even muster a smile for this picture; poor guy!


I really hope you found some helpful tips that you can use to help enhance your home this Holiday season!

I have done some seriously deep thinking the last 6 months. I have decided I am going back to school.

I have done my research regarding schools and have considered the pros and cons of which path I should take; finishing my bachelor’s or starting anew for an interpreting certificate.

Given the time it takes to commit to an education, and mostly the money, I have decided the logical decision is to go back to Tucson to finish school. This hasn’t been an easy conclusion for me to decide on, or even really agree with.

Being in Tucson I have the benefit of living rent free with my family and (hopefully) finding a part time job that will work with my school schedule.

Staying in California is where I want to be emotionally. However, financially it is smarter to go back to Tucson to finish my education.

I know this isn’t going to be an easy transition, nor will the next two years while I finish my education. For obvious reasons this isn’t a topic I’d like to dive into in everyday conversation; however, I did want to share this with you all and my reasons why. I’ll be making the move after the New Year.

I thank you all, in advance, for your support (and luck!).

My last blog post was a month ago… How time flies. Really, I do try and get a post up but I just don’t… So I’m probably not trying hard enough anyway!
What’s new you ask? Let me tell you!


1.       I’m going to register for a Wilton Buttercream Decorating class at my local Michael’s to improve my skills. I want to start baking again because I love it and it makes me happy… As long as I’m not rushing to make a cake in less time than necessary. (Which I tend to do a lot, ask my boyfriend.) As you might know, I have some natural talent… For frosting!


2.       My Brother got MARRIED! It’s so crazy to say that. Little Jimmy has a wife now. Holy shit. The wedding was beautiful and I only ugly cried once… Or twice. But! Much less than I thought I would originally… I’ll have more details of that glorious day in another post.


3.       I HAVE A SISTER NOW. Obviously closely related to #2, I now have a Sister! Technically a Sister-in-Law, but that’s too long and I’d much rather just say SISTER. I love this picture how Alyssa is just sort of doe-eyed and doesn’t she just look gorgeous!


4.       I started crocheting recently (last Thursday) and I just finished my first crocheted item and I am shipping it tomorrow as an early Christmas present so my bestie can wear it when it actually starts to get cold in Tucson. I’ll post pictures of all my crochet items after the holidays so I don’t ruin the surprises for my giftees!


5.       Our apartment is finally coming together thanks to my boyfriend. I’d like to say me, but not really. I just put the dishes in the dishwasher and cook dinner (sometimes). Oh! And buy cute stuff for our gallery wall so we can get it put up soon!


6.       We have a Halloween party this Saturday to attend and I don’t have a clue what to be and am just ready for Halloween to be over. I just want to start decorating FOR CHRISTMAS! I do in fact start decorating on November 1st. Just try and stop me.


I really am trying to focus on posting more regularly! I am diligently writing in my planner (with pencil) and following it 35% of the time! I think that’s some real improvement. Overall life isn’t too shabby and I’m hoping I get mad-talented at crocheting. And yes, I did just say mad-talented; it’s one of my new favorite “slang” vocab words. I hope you have some exciting Halloween plans this weekend too! If you have any simple-ish costume ideas, let me know; I’d appreciate it.






P.S. Mother you still will receive the first crochet item I made… It was your request and now you’re stuck with the hot mess that is that project. *kiss, kiss* Love you!


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